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Can you spot your community manager or moderator in this list?

Wizard of Oz - You hide behind the curtain, making grandiose pronouncements in a booming voice. No-one is allowed to see your real face.

Ninja - You slip in and out unnoticed, knifing trolls in the back without warning and deleting content in the middle of the night.

Stalin - You rule with an iron fist, brook no controversy, and accept no criticism. Agitators will be marched out of the community and given a last cigarette. You often ban people en masse.

Dr. Drew - You provide therapy, hugs, and tough love when necessary. Your members come to you with problems and you enjoy sorting it out through extensive, 70-page threads/conversations.

The Invisible Man - Personality? What personality? You're never even IN your community, so no-one knows what you're like. Your contact email goes to an old Hotmail account.

Border Collie - You give big sloppy kisses to newcomers, run around herding the masses into the correct forums/topics. You're obsessed with order, and try to please everyone ( can't).

Ringleader - You are the life of the party, starting topics, instigating events, drawing all attention to yourself.  You are the sole source of excitement in the community.  Ya might need to step back and give some spotlight to your members.

Lifeguard -  You're just there to make sure no-one gets hurt.  You'll jump in if you have to, but you'd rather twirl your whistle and look cool.

So what's the ideal personality?  It depends on the purpose of your online community, but I think there's room for a dash of each type in the perfect moderator/administrator.  OK, maybe not Stalin.

I aspire to be the Mother Teresa type - humble, passionately devoted to the mission at hand, thick-skinned, not afraid to get dirty hands, and a builder.

How about you?


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.

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I think there's still a place for a little bit of Stalin. Ok, maybe not in the arena of criticism, and some controversy is always going to happen. I've had to perform one execution as a moderator and I've never regretted the decision, though with different tools and more experience I might have been able to find a better way (though I still doubt it). 

Other than that, I guess I'm bits of all of these - if I had to pick one, I'm more of a border collie, but without the idea of the "correct" place for someone. Big sloppy kisses, definitely! 

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