Skip to main content, UBB Forum, and QuestionShark have always had an API available to support custom integrations, but we've recently just released a completely revamped version of the API with comprehensive, public documentation.'s API conforms to the commonly used REST architecture. REST enables developers to easily integrate with the API via basic HTTP requests. All REST API requests use a structured JSON response, which makes it very easy to parse and extract information from the response. Additionally, as is traditionally supported in a REST architecture, the response status code can be inspected to determine if a given request was successful or not.


The REST API supports all of the basic end-user functionality including Activity Stream, Blog, UBB Forum, Calendar, Clips, Chat Rooms/Events, QuestionShark, Groups, and Portfolios. There are also some basic administrative API commands available.


If you are interested in enabling the REST API on your plan or have suggestions for additional API features, please let us know on our support community.


Here are the links to the REST API documentation for each of our different products: API


QuestionShark API


Note: The API is currently only available to Pro Enterprise customers. Some API requests are only available upon request, as marked in the API documentation.

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