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This week, we are rolling out a major update for that includes the following new features:

1.  Search for members based on proximity

For communities that collect geographic information (country, postal code) for members, proximity search is now supported.  This means that you can search for members within a certain radius of a specified postal code/country.  This search is available on both the front end (Advanced Search) and in the Manage Members control panel, though admins can control whether to allow proximity searches by members.

2.  Search by specific profile field

Member search in the front end (via Advanced Search), and in the Manage Members control panel, now supports searching by specific profile field, including each custom profile field.  Thus, your member searches can be much more fine-grained going forward.

Screenshot 2016-01-26 09.31.43

3. New clips list format option

We've added support for a new display mode that can be set by admins in the Clips control panel.  This new mode displays clips as a straight list, which is ideal for sites that are more document focused.   

We expect this update to be rolled out to all sites sometime tomorrow, January 27, 2016.


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  • Screenshot 2016-01-26 09.31.43

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Great! This should be a huge improvement. Question: Are there any restrictions on the geo search, or is it expected to work properly in all parts of the world  (provided people have entered a viable postal code)? Asking because my community is very international and I'd like to fully introduce these features in a post. Thanks.

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