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We just rolled out a fairly small software update for and UBB Forum.  Aside from some bug fixes and other minor enhancements, we added the following new features:


1.  Support for Custom Header and Footer for Emails


Now you can replace the postage stamp icon we display by default on all emails with your own header graphic.  Similarly, you can add custom text or an image to the bottom/footer of all emails.


 Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 3.54.42 PM

You can do this on the new "Email Settings" control panel page which can be found in your site's Admin Control Panel, in Settings > Email Settings.


We also moved the "Email Notification Settings" that used to be on the main Settings page to this new Email Settings page.


2. Support For "First Unread Post" Link On Forum Topics


For both the regular interface and the mobile interface, you can now easily pick up where you left off in a forum topic by clicking on the new "First Unread Post" link.  You'll see this as an option on all topics that have at least one reply.  It's the fastest way to get to the first post you have not read within a given topic and can be a real time-saver for very long topics.




3. Forum Settings - Moderate Content Permission Now Editable


For forum settings, we have always allowed you to set the specific permissions for a specific forum, but we had left off the "Moderate Content" permission on this page before. (You could only set that via the Permissions control panel.)  Now it is fixed and you can edit ALL of the permissions for a specific forum right on the forum settings page. Much better.




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