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We're very excited to announce the launch of a new service today- UBB Forum!  UBB Forum is a scaled down version of our service, designed for sites that want a community that is completely focused on forums.


Our company released the Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB) in 1996 and it became the de facto standard for all discussion forum software.  It was a downloadable software product, installed on hundreds of thousands of sites over the years, but we stopped developing the downloadable product many years ago. Now we've brought the UBB name back with this new hosted service.


Like, UBB Forum offers three plan options- an Apprentice plan, a Standard plan, and a Pro plan.


UBB Forum is based on the platform, but is missing all other primary content modules, aside from the forums.  For instance, it does not support a calendar, blog, chat events, or clips.  It does support dialogs (private messages), custom pages, and the same powerful content and member management tools built into


We're very proud to bring the UBB back to life, and convinced that its current incarnation is the best version ever of our classic software.  


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