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Today's tip will help you set up an automated sentry on member profile changes, using's Recipes function. 

The default template for this recipe will alert you whenever any part of a member's profile is changed. However, using this tip, you can focus on a specific profile field. 

Here are just some of the reasons this might be useful:

  • Screen out weird/bad avatars - you know that guy who wants to use a dancing panda gif?
  • Watch for job title changes or location changes - set up a custom profile field, and then keep an eye out for changes so that you can take action if necessary.
  • Get alerted when a customer changes products or plans - create an admin-only field to note which product a customer is using, and send an alert to the customer care team when the product or plan is changed.

To set up this Recipe, go to your control panel and click Recipes.

  1. Click the "add recipe" button.
  2. Choose the template: "Moderate Members Whenever They Change Profile Information."
  3. Add a condition for "profile field changed." That will open options to select a specific field, including any custom fields you've created. (You can even select more than one.)
  4. Finally, decide who gets the email notification. (You can include the old and new profile field values in the email too.)

I hope this got your creative juices flowing...please share your own twists on this recipe!

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