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This week, we'll be rolling out a minor update for Crowdstack that includes the following:

Profile Content Stream

In our last software update, we removed the member profile activity stream - a list of all posts and actions by a community members. Some of you really missed that, though, so we've added a new profile tab called "Posts", which allows you to view all posts by the community member. You can also view posts the member has made to subgroups (via a dropdown menu at the top of the stream), if applicable.

New Topic Reply Sorting Option

Administrators can now change the sorting order for replies on topics (on a per forum basis). By default, topic replies are sorted "oldest to newest", but now you can change that to "newest to oldest," if you prefer.  To make the change, go to Manage > Settings > Areas > Topics and then choose the Forum Settings tab. Click on the forum you wish to change and look for the "Reply Sort Order" setting.

New Tags Smart Widget

We've added a new smart widget called Tags that lists the top 30 tags, sorted by popularity, on your Crowdstack.  Each tag is hyperlinked to view associated posts.

(Note: this change is not applicable for Version 1 sites.)

As usual, there were other minor changes and bug fixes.

Happy 'stacking!

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