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Today, we officially rebranded as Crowdstack!  This is simply a service name change. We're still the same company behind it, as well.

This change is designed to clarify what our application does - it is the technology stack for your crowd... and it is the latest in a series of moves that started with our Card Mode release to take the service to even higher levels.

Some notes:

  • Our support community is now located at
  • Our Twitter handle has changed to /getcrowdstack, but if you are already following us on our old handle, you are still following us on the new handle.

To make this change, we rolled out an update to the application. Aside from the obvious rebranding changes, we made the following changes :

1. Previously, the aforementioned "Card Mode" was a display option that any site could toggle on or off. We've changed that behavior now, such that Card Mode is now considered part of Crowdstack 2.0, which the old display mode is part of Crowdstack 1.0.  All new customers are on version 2.0 by default. If you are on Version 1.0 and want to move to 2.0, just let us know via our community or by emailing us at [email protected].

Some new features planned for the future may be available exclusively for Crowdstack 2.0. But, to be clear, Version 1.0 is still very much supported and will be maintained and extended.

2. We added a new way to render the "All" posts list on the Home page (for Crowdstack 2.0). This new option allows you to segment the posts by content module.  Look for the following option in your Home Page settings.

Screenshot 2020-01-17 16.26.02

3. You can now choose the default section that is displayed when a user clicks on your Home link (Crowdstack 2.0 only).  This is handy if you want to have users start with your Blog for instance, rather than the "all" section.

Screenshot 2020-01-17 16.27.35

There were other minor improvements made as well.  We hope you enjoy the new release... and the new branding!  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know on our community site.


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  • Screenshot 2020-01-17 16.26.02
  • Screenshot 2020-01-17 16.27.35

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