Over the last several months, we've instituted a fun method of shaking down new code releases.  We refer to it as a "swarm test," and it is basically a "bring your own laptop" group critique.  Developers, marketing, accounting, anyone who wants to come is invited to participate.  We assume scenarios (some the developers envisioned and some they didn't), take on various roles, and start clicking everything that can be clicked.  It's a great enhancement to the formal QC process, since bugs can be found and squashed in the same room.

"Hey, Brian, why do I get a robot error when I click this link?"
"Just a sec."  (Brian starts typing furiously) "Try it again."
"Cool. It works now."

This is repeated over the course of an hour or two, until the developers can't take it anymore or we run out of issues.  There's lots of verbal harrassment, give-and-take, and if you don't have a thick skin, you really can't be in the room.  It's great fun, and I think it's one of my favorite new traditions in the company.

Here's a picture from a swarm test last Wednesday.  We really gave QuestionShark a workout!  Wait till you see it



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Yeah Harold I 2nd 3rd and 4th that!! (I have a multiple personality) Arghhhh!! I got..

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