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Is it any wonder that there is no job loyalty these days?  

For most companies, a department called "Human Resources" manages your "benefits" and explains your contract with the company.  As a human resource, I suppose that your perception is that you are more important than the computers and equipment in the office.  But the cold and clinical term makes it clear that you are a commodity to be managed by the company.

People yearn for a sense of ownership, of responsibility and purpose.  No matter where someone is on the proverbial totem pole, everyone wants to belong and be part of a team that has a purpose.  So why treat employees like "resources"? 

What if a job was not a means to an end but a vocation with meaning?

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What if indeed!. 

Where I work, some valuable staff went from being potential members of a team of excellence to being mere call centre staff in the space of 6 months. People who were proud of their jobs and performance now consider themselves to be mere cogs in a machine, little appreciated and as such, no longer perform at their best and want out. All of this because of one manager who, to quote his own words. "Had his eye on those staff for some time, as they were achievers."
He did not enter into the equation the real human side of things and treat those people as a "Human Resource." A commodity to be exploited. They are slowly, drifting away to far flung fields. Split up in such a way that their uniqueness has been lost. 
I have no doubt that they will be required again in the future to clean up a mess that is being made as I type.

It is often the workers at the coal face that can best see the solution to a problem, but it is them that are all too often listened to last. 

Staff are assets treat as liabilities.
James The  Jovial Jester
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