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We just pushed out a hotfix for The Digest Release that contains a variety of improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Updated notification emails so that the subjects include a bracketed prefix that indicates the type of notification being sent. This will help provide context of the email while still retaining the ability to use threaded conversations in most mail clients.
  • Updated the Wording control panel so that custom wording can omit variables that are included in the original wording. This will give Crowdstacks even more flexibility in customizing the wording used throughout the platform.
  • Fixed a bug where certain moderation notification email links were taking you to the wrong place.
  • Fixed a bug with some missing text in emails when listing attachments in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where title images might not appear in content notification emails in some cases.
  • Removed some wording from the Premium Membership > Emails page that indicated you could customize the wording of the Crowdstack Pay emails (which is no longer possible).
  • Removed the Crowdstack logo as a default logo used in the header of all emails. Instead, no logo will be displayed by default. Crowdstacks can always choose to add their own email header logo, if they choose.
  • Fixed an issue with the Online Now icon displaying in the wrong color on the Members page for sites using the Version 2 UI.
  • Updated Crowdstack Pay copy used on the payment pages and emails to make it more clear that Crowdstack Pay is managing a Subscription for you. Previously, the term "Premium Membership" was used, but that term can clash with the name of the actual paid membership used by each Crowdstack. They're all Subscriptions, so this change makes it very clear without muddying the waters with the "Premium Membership" wording that might make things more confusing.

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