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Last week, we talked about how we are working on a major revamp of the Crowdstack control panel.  Things are moving along nicely on that front!

As part of that overall release, though, we are also making a number of terminology changes that I wanted to make everyone aware of.  These changes are intended to make the terms easier to understand.

1. Groups -> Subgroups
2. Circles -> Roles
3. QuestionShark -> Support
4. Wordlets -> Wording
5. Graemlins -> Emoticons
6. Community Points -> Activity Points
8. Structure -> Navigation Menus (as part of a larger change to decouple the enable/disable functions)
9. "FeePod" Menu Item -> Premium Memberships (though we are still referring to FeePod in the premium membership pages themselves. We are maintaining that brand, since it is separate service, but making the feature title more generic)
10. Recipes -> Automation Rules

In talking to customers over the years, we found consistent confusion about the difference between "groups" and "circles"... and that is the major reason for the change in terminology for those two items.  We think the new terms better represent what each item means.

Almost all of these changes are confined to the admin control panel. For instance, even though we have called the "Support" module "QuestionShark" in the control panel since the beginning, we never referred to it as "QuestionShark" on the front end (to your members).

"Groups" is one exception, of course, where the control panel term is referenced on the front end. (Note that you may use the "Wording" control panel to change that front end reference, if your like.)

Thus, this is primarily a heads up about the new terminology that you will notice in the new control panel, when it is released.  We are estimating a June release, but that is still subject to change.

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Hi @[email protected] - The Crowdstack application does not currently use the term "role" in any sense.  Recipes do not either. Recipes have triggers, conditions and actions, but not "roles".  You can target specific circles in a recipe (as a "condition" and through certain "actions").  But, to reiterate, this is nothing but a terminology change-- all references to what Crowdstack currently calls "Circles" will be called "Roles" when this release is deployed.  It wil not change the behavior of any of your recipes. πŸ™‚

I'm guessing that your organization is using the term role for its own purposes, but that has no impact on Crowdstack.  Hope that helps!

Ted @ Crowdstack

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