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  • Crowdstack Discussion
    We run a Crowdstack Site focused on Model Trains. We also publish a magazine called O Gauge Railroading . The magazine published its first issue in June of 1969, almost 52 years ago. We have been here since the "Eve" days, and may be Crowdstack's oldest customer. On January 3, 2013, one of our members started a thread entitled "What did you do on your layout today?" Yesterday, that thread reach a very unique milestone. 1,000 pages and 39,990 replies! I think that might be a record.
  • Suggestions
    I'm suggesting that there should be a way to indicate to a member if has already posted in a specific thread. Some of the threads on our forum have very long legs. Many are several years old, but remain active with new ideas and photos posted in the threads daily. The record-holder is THIS THREAD which was started in January 2013 and is now 987 pages long! It still has new content posted in it every day. Threads that grow beyond a few pages become very difficult to search. If a member could...
  • Suggestions
    We are trying to bring a bit more organization to our various model train forums. We are experiencing a lot of threads started in the wrong forums. One of our members made a good suggestion I want to run by you. Currently the RECENT POSTS widget displays the thread title and the timestamp of the latest post to the thread. It does not display the specific forum where the thread is posted. Can that be added to the listings? It could look like this: The red text is the name of the forum where...
  • Suggestions
    Would it be possible for you to add a Popup Action in the Automation Rules? This could be handy in many situations: Acknowledging a posting milestone (a member's 100th post, his 500th post, etc.) These would be a good opportunity to build member pride and loyalty via a "Congratulations!" popup. Notices on New Content about threads being started in the correct sub-forum. The setup should allow for us to author different popups for different purposes.
  • Tips
    Re: Moderation Queue short cut   You can always go right to your moderation queue using this link:   http://<your forum domain here>/cp/moderationQueue