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  • Crowdstack Discussion
    Hi guys, I have Sublime Text Editor (simple editor, not flashy) to customize my pages. What are you guys and gals doing to modify your stock pages, and can you post an example of the layout in HTML and CSS? On a side note, when I installed Sublime, I had checked the feature that should be bringing up the option to open a page in HTML view. It's not happening. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to change a browser setting? I'm using Chrome.
  • Crowdstack Discussion
    Are you ladies and gents aware of any tools to accurately and appropriately price advertising spaces on your crowdstack site? I'm sure that there are many ways though custom coding to increase advertising space, but I'm not well versed in such coding... I'm sure the affiliate side of things is much more difficult to quantify, but any ideas for research sources for these topics would be very helpful!
  • Crowdstack Discussion
    Hello, Bear with me as I am totally new to this arena and will likely ask some very, very face-palm-worthy questions! I am building a unique health-based community in the hunting and fishing space, and am curious as to what your experiences have been with recruiting beta testers for your communities. My goals are as follows: 1) Get a solid sample of users for feedback regarding site layout and navigation 2) Get a a meaningful of sample traffic for behavior analysis, growth estimates, etc. to...