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Your community members don't care about SEO, CRM, or ROI
mistytreesCan you see the forest for the trees?

The other day, I found myself once again Googling an acronym I'd never run across before: SES.  I'm all-too-familiar with acronyms, having once worked as a government contractor (don't get me started), but lately it seems that they are proliferating like mushrooms. 

Don't forget to measure the ROI of your UGC so that you can do SEO as part of your SMM!

If you get too caught up in the wonkiness, you can totally lose focus on what matters---delivering the very best product or service you can muster.  If you invested the same 15 minutes either hatching new keyword combinations for search engines or communicating directly with your customers (or community members), guess which one would have the best outcome?  I'm putting my bets on direct interaction.

This is not to say there is no value in monitoring or measuring your progress; just don't let it consume you.   Focus on your core product or brand and making it awesome. The rest will flow.  Even the inbound links.

...and in case you're wondering, SES means "Search Engine Strategies," and it was referring to a popular conference.  The sentence above translates to "Don't forget to measure the Return on Investment of your User-Generated Content so that you can do Search Engine Optimization as part of your Social Media Marketing!"

What's your favorite (or least-favorite) Web 2.0 acronym?


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.


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  • mistytrees: Can you see the forest for the trees?

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