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First impressions are so important.



Have you ever joined a new community, posted a question, and then waited...and waited...and waited for a response?  


How do you feel when, instead, someone notices that you joined and sends you a warm greeting?


Those are crucial first hours after a new member joins.  


You have the power to instill a sense of belonging right away, by ensuring that your initial email contains a warm welcome and a compelling reason to return.



Offer a Mai Tai, Show Them to Their Room


On Fantasy Island, visitors were immediately handed a drink, given a lei, and taken to their lodgings.  It is a ritual meant to put them at ease, and help them relax (before they get swept off to Victorian England to meet Jack the Ripper).


Once a visitor has made the leap and joined your community, you must put your best foot forward and turn the new member into a frequent contributor.  


The welcome email and initial interactions are your virtual mai tai and lei.

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Review Your First Impression Today


One tool you can use to enhance a new member's first impression is the welcome email.  This email is automatically triggered when someone joins.  If you're using or Eve Community, the email can contain HTML, so it doesn't have to be plain "vanilla."


Here are some ideas for your welcome email:

  • Keep it short and sweet; no need for War and Peace
  • Let them see your community's tone and personality, use your email to set expectations (are you funny or business like?)
  • Include a specific mission. Give new members a task beyond "introduce yourself." Ask a specific easy question, like "come tell us about your first car."
  • Include a couple of links to hot topics, show the popular content
  • Consider including a photo or image for impact (just be cognizant of file size)


How do you welcome your newest members?



I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.


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