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Twitter has been taking steps recently to get more control over how its content is delivered via third party applications and websites.


In this announcement, Twitter announced that starting March 5, it will begin the process of stopping the mechanism that currently uses to deliver its standard Twitter widget (which is currently an unauthenticated API call).


This will take away from the convenience of having a standard widget, but it's still not very difficult to incorporate a Twitter feed widget into your Forum pages.


How to Create Your Own Twitter Widget for or UBB Forum

  1. Go to your Profile on Twitter.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Widgets.
  4. Click the Create New button.
  5. Choose from timeline, favorites, or list, or search to create your own stream.
  6. Click Create Widget.
  7. Copy the code.
  8. Go to your site.
  9. Click Add Widget.
  10. Click Create New Custom Widget.
  11. Paste the code in the box.
  12. Click Create Custom Widget.
  13. Drag your widget to your desired location on the page.


We are putting out a release today that will remove the standard Twitter widget for and UBB Forum sites. Note that this change only affects the Twitter widget, not the Twitter social profile integration in Forum, since that is an authenticated API call.


For existing sites that are already using the Twitter widget, it will disappear with this Forum release.


If you need help making these changes, or you have any questions about this process, please visit our help community at: You'll find friendly faces to help you out!


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.

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