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Some good news for those of you using and LiveCloud. We've rolled out a slew of improvements focusing on "clips".  (For those not familiar with our lingo, clips are attachments/uploads/files.)


Here's a summary of the major changes:


1)  Any file is a clip


Previously, only images, videos, and audio files could be classified as clips.  That's all changing in this release.  Any file that can be uploaded is now considered a clip.  Thus, a Word doc, PDF, or spreadsheet is now considered clips, as well.  We'll have four major clip classifications: Photos, Videos, Audio, and Files (with "files" representing all of the non media file types).  As a site owner/admin, you can determine whether any or some of your members can upload each clip type via your user permissions.


2) Clip Sets


Now you can group clips into "sets".  This is extremely powerful (and flexible), allowing you to create photo albums and other categories for clips.  For instance, if you have product documentation, you could create a documentation clip set and put all of your product docs into it.  It's a simple, powerful way to organize related clips together.


In addition, comments are supported on clip sets, so that users can provide feedback on the set as a whole.  (You can disable comments on the set at any time, however.)  You can also close sets so that no additional clips can be added.


Screen shot 2011-10-06 at 2.10.36 PM


Clip sets can be "liked" and "watched", as well, which means that you can subscribe to a clip set to be notified when new clips are added to it and/or when comments are posted to the set.


3) Clip Comments


One giant hole in our feature set was closed by adding support for comments on clips.  Yes, now people can comment on each clip on your site.   New comments can be suspended for each clip at any time.


4)  Enhanced Clip Widgets

 Clips WidgetWe currently have two different clip widgets - one for Photos/Videos and one for Music.  We've consolidated those into one generic "Clips" widget now that we support files as well.  We've added a new parameter to that widget, as well, so that you can limit the content in the widget to a particular clip set, if you want.  You can also determine exactly which clip types you want included in the widget.


This flexibility allows you to create really focused widgets on your site.  For instance, using the product documentation example I mentioned above, you could create a widget that showcases your documentation for a particular product.  Or you could showcase only photos from a "Best Of" clip set.  Or perhaps music from your most recent album, if you are a band.

 Clips Widget

Finally, we've added a new Clip Set widget.  This widget is displayed by default on the "Clips" pages so users can easily browse sets.  This widget is a listing of clip sets on your site, sorted by last post date by default (so clip sets with items recently added bubble to the top).


5) More Music Formats


We think is a great option for musicians (since it includes blogs, forums, calendar and clips), so we wanted to increase the number of music formats we accept as uploads.  We now support: aiff,aif,wav,aac,m4a, and mp3.  Note that we convert everything to MP3, but at leastnow you can upload these other formats.


6) RSS for Clips


We've added RSS support for clips and clips sets, as well.


7) Clip Moderation ONLY: You can now moderate clips on your site.  As with other content, simply create a content moderation rule in your control panel to being reviewing new clips uploaded to your site.  Note that you can also moderate clip comments and clip set comments.


We hope everyone enjoys the new features!  As usual, we love getting feedback on our support site at  Please follow us on the following Twitter accounts as well to stay up to date with the latest product news: @GetHoopla, @SocialStrata, and @LiveCloudNews.


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