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We've just rolled out a MAJOR update for, and UBB Forum.  The focus of this update was on adding support for a new content type- Surveys!


We previously supported "polls", but only as an optional attachment for forum topics.  The feature set was limited and, because polls were always simply subcomponents of forum topics, they could never really stand out on their own.


We've improved that in a big way today!  Here is a sampling of features:

  • Per Survey Permissions: You can set permissions for who can take the survey and also who can view the survey results.
  • Control When Results Can Be Viewed: You can prevent users from viewing results until after they take the survey, if you like.
  • Set Survey End Time: If your survey is time-sensitive, you can apply an end date/time, after which no additional survey responses will be permitted.
  • Write-In Answers: For each question you create, you can optionally allow write-in answers.
  • Support for Multi-Select: For each question, you can force voters to choose one answer or, optionally, allow them to choose more than one answer.
  • Image-Based Answers: A picture is worth a thousand worths. You can format any question so that each answer has an associated image, if you like.
  • See Who Voted For What: Survey Moderators can always see who voted for each answer. And you can optionally permit your general members to see who voted for each answer, as well.
  • Survey Data CSV: Survey Moderators can download a CSV file that lists all data associated with the survey, including a breakdown of voters per answer, specific write-in answers, and more.
  • Embed Surveys: Each survey has an "embed" option, that allows you to easily copy and paste a code snippet to insert a survey on another site.
  • Widgets: We've added two new widgets- one for displaying your most recent surveys and another for featuring a specific survey. The latter is ideal for displaying a complete survey on your home page, for instance.
  • Featured Surveys: You can mark any survey as featured and they will be featured at the top of your Surveys page.
  • Control Survey Graph Color: We've added a new Theme section that allows you to set the color of bar graphs used on the Survey Results page.
  • Surveys Control Panel: There is a new Surveys control panel for admins. This is located as a submenu section under the Modules part of your Admin Control Panel. On this page, you can set default survey permissions, and much more.
  • New Survey Reports in Advanced Reporting: We've added some surveys-specific reports to our optional Advanced Reporting section in Analytics.




Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 7.11.39 PM


Note: for all existing sites, your old "polls" have been automatically converted to "surveys" and we included links to the surveys on the forum topics where the polls originated. Thus, no polls have been lost in the upgrade!


Also note that by default creation of surveys is restricted to Super Admins. You can loosen them up and let others (or all members) create surveys via your site permissions.


That's Not All


We didn't stop with surveys, though. Here are some other new things that were added:

  • "All Topics" lists now include forum name: When viewing a list of topics across all forums (or across an entire category), we now include the forum name as a reference.
  • Printer-Friendly Option For Forum Topics and Dialogs: we now support a "printer-friendly" link for printing an entire topic or dialog, as well for printing a single reply in a topic or dialog.
  • The Statistics control panel is now called "Analytics".
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements.

Phew... that was a lot!  If you have any questions about the new surveys (or anything else), please post to our support site!



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Hi Dan-


Each survey you create has its own configurable permissions controlling who can take the survey and also (separately) who can view the results.  The survey will be posted to the community, but again the only people that will be able to see the survey on your site at all will be the ones who can either take the survey or view the results.


Thus, for your scenario, if you limit permissions for your survey to just the permission circle comprised of the users you referred to, then only they will see the survey on your site.  There is no need to "hide" it because permissions in are always smart. Content is never exposed to users who are restricted from accessing it.


For further questions, please post to our support site.

Ted @ Crowdstack

I am interested in creating a survey for only a small subset of users.  I do not wish to make it public or post it to the community, but rather send out an e-mail to certain users with a link to the survey.  So, when I create the survey is it automatically posted to the community, or can I hide it?  Will a link be generated to put in an e-mail?


Hi Yojeffo-


Go to the Surveys page and click on the big "Create Survey" button on the top right. Alternatively, you can click on the "Post Content" button (also in the top right) on the "Home" page.  There is also a "Create Survey" link as a submenu item In the "Surveys" menu item.


It basically works the same way as any other content type in

If you are not seeing these Create Survey buttons/links, it means that you do not have permission to create surveys, which would be a permission issue on your site.  By default, as mentioned above, only Super Admins can create surveys, so if you want to expand that scope, then you would need to grant the "Create Surveys" permission to other permission circles on your site.


Remember that surveys are NOT a part of forum topics any longer. They are their own standalone content type.


For more specific assistance on your site, I would suggest posting to our support site.



Ted @ Crowdstack

Hi Brad,


On the Survey Settings page, you can set the default permissions for newly created surveys (for who can complete the survey and view the survey results). You do not set the actual Create Survey permission there, however.


To control who can Create Surveys, you need to go into the Permissions section of your control panel. Select the Permission Circle that you want to be able to create surveys and then click the Permissions tab. For example, for All Members, that URL is:


Scroll to the bottom and click the Edit Permissions button. Check the box to add the Create Surveys permission, update, and you're done!


If you have further questions or issues, please post them to our support site or email


Hope that helps,



Brian Lenz
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