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Does your social community look like Frankenstein? Are your Facebook page, Twitter stream, YouTube channel, and blog lumbering around cyberspace in search of friends?


If so, then you need a way to pull it all together into a social hub that lives on your website.  Don't abandon your external social networks, integrate them elegantly and give your visitors a reason to come back (without pitchforks).


Here are 10 easy ways you can use to integrate your social community:

  1. Custom pages - use's custom pages to pull content directly into your community structure. For example, if you have a sports team, use a custom page to display your roster.
  2. Google Analytics - add your Google Analytics ID to the control panel and explore integrated data from the deep-dive Google interface, with reports that you can use to make the community even better.
  3. Twitter feed - choose to show your Twitter stream either in the flow of your blog, or in a separate widget.  Choose to Tweet out new content to your Twitter stream as you compose the post.
  4. Widgets pushed externally -'s widgets are embeddable; just click the icon to get embed code and customize the look of the widget so it matches the external site. Copy, paste, and you're done.
  5. Widgets pulled in - lots of social tools have APIs that share streams or data that can be pulled into a widget.  If you've got the code, you can include it in a widget and display on any page. You can also use this function to show special awards or badges, or to support charitable campaigns.
  6. Facebook Connect - use this integration to make it easy for your members to log in.  It can be enabled alongside the registration system, or by itself.
  7. Custom themes - your branding, colors, and logo should be consistent across all of your social channels.  Create simple custom themes in with point-and-click---no coding required. If you're feeling saucy and want to go farther, there's room for CSS and HTML as well.
  8. Custom menu items - if you have a swag store (such as CafePress or Zazzle), or another web page you want to include in your, you can add custom menu tabs at the top (including submenu items). Your members will thank you for not making them leave the site.
  9. Embed YouTube clips - if you have a YouTube channel, you can embed YouTube clips within blog posts, bringing additional exposure for your content.  
  10. Import your stuff - we'd love to help you create an integrated social community.  If you're currently using a different platform, we can work with you to import your data.  Just email us at letstalk[at]socialstrata[dot]com and we'll explore how we can bring you on board.


Your members/customers/friends/associates/colleagues deserve better than a disjointed community experience.  Check out and leave Frankenstein behind.


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.

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