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Revamped Knowledge Base

Today we announce the launch of our new revamped Knowledge Base. Formerly, it consisted of a lot of short Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about very specific things.  The list was getting long and we definitely saw a trend with our new customers that simply answering one question often led to others.  

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As we restructured, we merged some related topics together and created new posts that act as mini-tutorials to provide a bit more insight.  The Knowledge Base is organized under the following categories:

  • Administrator Stack:  Focuses entirely on administer actions such as setting up Crowdstack site, using features like roles and permissions, and provides information regarding legal areas.  
  • Moderator Stack. Provides quick guides and insight into Crowdstack tools to moderate content and members of a community. 
  • Content Stack: Provides information about different types of content. Administrators may find it useful for establishing content-related settings and members may find it useful to understand how to contribute content. 
  • Member Stack: Focuses on actions for community members -  what they can do to manage their profiles, settings, and experience. 

The Knowledge Base is never done but it has taken a new shape.  We will continue to update it as we see more trends in the questions we get from our customers.  If you have ideas on what we should add to the Knowledge Base, feel free to let us know.  


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  • Screenshot 2020-07-31 09.39.58

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