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This week, we are rolling out a update that adds the following new features:

1.  Integration with Pinterest

Pinterest is a new supported Social Network that you can enable for social sign-ins, as well as to allow users to display their own Pinterest pins on their member profiles.

2.  Admin-Only Custom Profile Fields

Administrators can set private profile fields that only they can set and access via a new "Hidden" option.  The members themselves would not see these admin-only fields.

It's a great way to add structured data per profile that is only accessible by your site admins.

Hidden Profile Fields

3.  New Custom Profile Field Format - Date and Date/Time

We've added support for date, as well as data and time, as a custom profile field type. This is useful for setting date-related info in a profile.

4.  New CSS Classes For Improved Style Targeting

We added some new CSS classes to help you style things even better. Specifically:

a.  A new .selected-menu-item class for the main navigation menu.  This allows you to easily target the menu item that is selected for the page.  Custom menu items are also supported.

b.  New CSS classes allow you to target specific calendar, collection, and set labels.

There were numerous other minor tweaks and bug fixes in the release, which should be available to all sites sometime this week.


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  • Hidden Profile Fields

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