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We are pleased to announce that Enterprise customers now have two new add-ons available to help make their sites even more secure. This will be of particular interest to regulated industry communities.

Total Data Encryption currently only encrypts user passwords. With the Total Data Encryption add-on, however, all content and all user data is encrypted. 

HIPAA Compliance

In the United States, HIPAA laws regulate how health-related data is shared.  With this new add-on, can be used under a BAA arrangement and the community is hosted in a HIPAA-compliant data center.  In addition, the Total Data Encryption add-on is included at no add cost.

Note that HIPAA Compliance is only available for US-hosted sites, not for our international hosting options.

These new options are ideal for financial and health-focused communities, or any organization that is very concerned about the security of stored data.

Pricing for these new options is listed on our website here:

These options are only available for Enterprise plans.

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