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One goal of every community manager is to make community members feel special, and keep them closely connected to the community.


Today I'm offering up a quick hit list of ways to make that happen (please add your own ideas in the comments!):

  1. Give them graphic badges
  2. Surprise them with custom titles
  3. Send a personalized welcome email
  4. Start holding In-person events
  5. Offer custom avatars
  6. Use activity level titles
  7. Give them special powers (make them a moderator)
  8. Make them a chat featured guest
  9. Interview them in a forum or blog series
  10. Feature their content
  11. Poll them - ask their opinion about something
  12. Get PR for something cool the community has done
  13. Brag about them specifically, highlight their accomplishments
  14. Share their content on other social channels
  15. Make traditions
  16. Send them a handwritten card or little gift
  17. Have a member of the week or month
  18. Name them as a group (or let them name themselves)
  19. Make it exclusive or hard to get in (have an application instead of registration)
  20. Keep track of your history and highlight key events from the past
  21. Refer to new members by name in content (posts, blogs, etc.)
  22. Help members achieve their goals or dreams
  23. Let the community participate in rebranding or theming
  24. Set up a special photo or video area for members to share pet photos
  25. Celebrate membership anniversaries together


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.

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