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The COVID-19 pandemic has made live video stars out of all of us. (Sometimes reluctantly.)

Everything from board meetings, to staff collaboration, to karate tutorials are being broadcast all day long. But often the content is ephemeral.

Livestreaming Plus Community

That's where livestreaming and your community platform can become a match made in heaven.

  • Store and share recordings of the video stream, with commenting. You can use a compression tool (e.g., Videoconverter) if your file is large.
  • Offer a concurrent live chat event in the community, to preserve the conversation for later.
  • Spark further discussion and resource sharing based on the livestream.
  • Connect the dots between live events, allowing participants to get to know each other via their community profiles.
  • Monetize by offering premium community content that compliments the video stream (like an ebook, PDF, or additional recorded videos).

Livestreaming Options

Everyone has a favorite livestreaming tool, This article from TechRepublic is a nice comparison of all the video streaming features, to help you figure out which one is right for your community.

Almost all of the tools offer a method to "float" the video boxes over a browser window, which makes it easy to view the livestream while chatting in the community, or reviewing resources together.

Another common tool is screensharing, so you could even use a livestream event to show new members around your community!

Use your community calendar to set up a "new member welcome" virtual event, and get everyone introduced via video while you're screensharing a tour of the community's features.

After the Community Event

Consider uploading some followup materials in your community resource library, and be sure to mention that at the end of the livestream.

Set up a survey after the event, and collect some feedback. Your members may have great ideas on how to incorporate livestreaming in the future!

Crowdstack Makes it Easy

If you're running a Crowdstack community, all of these ideas are easily doable. With calendar events, forums, live chat events, resource sharing, and surveys, you have all of the tools you need to compliment those sporadic Zoom calls or webinars.

If you'd like more detailed help implementing these with your own Crowdstack community, check out this article in the Knowledge Base:

Integrating Crowdstack with Live Streaming Events

How have you creatively integrated live video with your community? Please share your ideas here as well!

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