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As we reach the waning moments of 2009, I've been pondering how the online community landscape has changed this year.  MySpace took a nosedive, Facebook cruised to the top of the heap (and got some egg on its face), Twitter is still a polarizing love it/hate it tool, and mobile apps have cropped up like so many mushrooms.  Our own company has gone through a name change, the addition of a few services, and an influx of new friends via our LiveCloud social network.

All of these technologies/platforms/services are there to theoretically make our lives easier, but they only do so when we manage them in a common sense way, and use the right tool for the job.  Sometimes a forum is the right thing, sometimes a blog, and sometimes a full-on social media integration is the correct path.

My personal perspective is that social media has enhanced my life this year.  I've connected with many old friends and colleagues, made some new acquaintaneces, and unearthed lots of interesting information.  I'm still sorting out the best tools to help me drink from the firehose, but I feel more connected and informed each day.

How about you? Are you sorting through the mass of social tools out there? Have they enhanced your life this year, or are they driving you insane?  I'm interested in your thoughts!

A very happy and healthy New Year from all of us at Social Strata!


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.

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Well you know what I think about Twitter. It belongs.... Well on Twitter no-where else as it messes other social sites up with it's constant twittering so yes right tool for the right job.
Facebook is a requirement for some rather that a 1st choice. I seems to be replacing Emails in a lot of ways

LiveCloud is having it's ups and downs.. Just got another down this morning the add attachments function has gone walkabout. Just in time for New Year. Tis a sad thing. I had some nice pictures to send..

I expect it wiil come back when I have lot the urge to post them
James The  Jovial Jester
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