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We've just rolled out a new update for  This one has a number of minor changes, most of which are focused on giving site admins more control over their site. Hence, we've named it "Control Freak".  


Here's what we added:


1. New Permissions: View Blog, View Clips, View Forum and Topic Subjects, Manage Home Page Settings, Manage Blog Settings


With these new permissions, you'll have a lot more control over your site.  In order to properly support the new View Blog and View Clips permissions, we had to decouple blog attachments from clips.  Previously, when you attached files to blog posts, those attachments were automatically added to your site's Clips directory, as well.  That will no longer happen. Only items explicitly uploaded to your Clips directory will be included there.  Please note though that all previous blog attachments, which were labelled as clips, will remain as clips.  Thus, this change only impacts new content going forward.


2. Widgets Now Display Content Based On Each User's Permissions


Previously,'s content widgets only displayed public content. Now, content widgets will include all content each user is allowed to see, based on whether they are signed in, and based on what their permissions are, if they are signed in.    This means that private content is included, for users that are allowed to see it.


3.  Content Widget Now Two Separate Widgets


Previously, we had a "Content Widget" that could be used for both forum content and blog content. We've split this into two separate widgets now- a "Blog Posts" widget and a "Topics" widget.  Thus, you should double-check your home page to make sure your content widget is doing what you want it to do.


4. Support Editing Guest Post Author Name


Now you can edit the name of a guest who posts to your site.


5.  New Home Page Top Banner


We've added support for a new "Top Banner" on the home page. This allows you to add any HTML code you want to the top of your site's home page (below the menu).  You can add this code in the brand new Home Page Module Control Panel.


There were numerous other bug fixes and minor tweaks and improvements, as well, in this release.






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