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Dia Dhuit!

We are very excited to announce plans to open our first European office.   We'll be setting up shop in Dublin, Ireland, sometime in the next few months.  This will allow us to better serve customers outside of North America and tap into the strong tech talent pool in that area.

While development of our flagship product,, will continue as strong as ever, we also plan to roll out several new products over the coming years, including applications for:

--  Social Media Management

-- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

-- Live Chat Support

Our goal is to create a powerful suite of independent products that allow organizations to increase engagement with customers, stakeholders, and influencers.  The Social Media Management product (name TBD) will be the next on the docket and, aside from allowing brands to monitor and manage social content, will include integration options with to allow you to automate the promotion of content via your social media accounts.  Look for that later this year.

If you are in Dublin, however, please do consider applying for one of our available positions there: Job Openings.  We're really excited about joining the dynamic business environment in that city and having closer ties to our customers in Europe.

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Ireland is apparently popular for multinationals setting up their European HQ. Corporate taxes are relatively favorable and as a bonus, it's English speaking and has the Euro as currency (accepted in about the rest of Europe) as opposed to the British pound. No wonder tech companies like Apple and Microsoft have their European HQ's in the area as well.

It's also famous for it's pub culture, Guinness, and is number 7 in the list of most beer consuming countries. Sounds good to me. 

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