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Sometimes you just have to follow your passion.  And we have some very passionate sports fans here at Social Strata.  They were bemoaning the fact that there wasn't a cool NFL draft app in the iTunes store, one thing led to another, countless evenings and late nights followed, and today we're excited to announce the birth of Draft Pik 2011 (Football).draft

You can get the new app in the iTunes store:

We've priced it at $2.99, and the draft is in two days, so hurry on over and download now!

Features include a mock draft, Facebook connect login, a 600-player-deep prospect database that includes articles and videos, full live updates on draft day, and prizes for the top 3 most accurate mocks submitted.  See a full feature rundown at

And if football isn't your game, you can expect professional basketball and hockey draft editions in the near future as well.


What the heck?players I thought you were an online community company!

No Hoop.las were harmed during the making of Draft Pik; this app was strictly developed as a labor of love by our dev team.  We feel that helping our employees use their creative juices, think outside the box, and expand their skill-sets only enhances our core products.  Happy, fulfilled staff equals productive staff.  Not to mention that we expect Draft Pik to become a thriving online community!


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.


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  • draft: Mock draft interface
  • players: Prospect database
  • profile: Prospect profile
  • teams: Team information
  • twitter: Integrated Tweets

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