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Yes, I'll admit it right now.  I'm a control freak.  And when it comes to my social accounts all over the web, it's intensified by a factor of 10.  Do you consider who's reading your blips, blogs, and profiles you've left in various cyberniches over the last few years?  There's no need for paranoia, but it certainly behooves you to take a moment and read the privacy and permission settings before you leave your stamp somewhere.

We've all heard about the Facebook privacy settings kerfluffle by now, and it was caused precisely because they weren't clear about what was personally controlled and what was roaming the wild (I'm still not really sure, and I consider myself a pretty savvy user). 

Some people solve the problem by sorting their accounts (Twitter for friends, Facebook for college buddies, LinkedIn for colleagues), but that's a pretty unwieldy way to manage your communications.  I know, because that's the way I used to do it.

My big dream is to be able to put out a piece of information (or video or photo) and decide who exactly gets to see it...and that's why our LiveCloud network and Social Enterprise technology behave that way.  You will always know exactly where your stuff is going. 

Even more refinements are on the way, so let's unite, control freaks!


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