Community Manager Appreciation Day is Jan 27

Did you know that community managers, those hardy souls who tirelessly answer questions, invite conversation, and toil in the trenches of social engagement have their own day?



In 2010, Jeremiah Owyang proposed that the world set aside the fourth Monday in January to honor community managers. Since then, lots of organizations have stepped forward to join in the fun. Using the hashtag #CMAD or #CMGR, folks have organized in-person meetups, Tweetups, Hangouts, and individual random acts of gratitude.


Last year, the gang at hosted a marathon Hangout to honor the day. It was co-hosted with Hootsuite and lasted for 12 hours!


This year, it's a 24-hour Hangout, and I'm honored to be joining the panel on Delivering Beyond Expectations.


Be sure to check out the whole schedule--there are topics for everyone in every industry throughout the day (and night). 


When will we see the first Hallmark card for #CMAD?


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