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Comment spam is a giant problem for nearly every active online community.  And now we have some tools to help you combat it even more!


We now support automatic comment spam protection in and UBBForum.  While this is currently only available for Pro customers, we plan to offer this as a plan add-on option for Standard sites in the next month or so, as well.


Here's how it works:


In your Manage Content control panel, there is a new Comment Spam submenu item.  If you enable Comment Spam Protection, you have the following options:


  • Send detected spam to the content moderation queue for review.
  • Automatically delete all posts identified as spam.
  • Automatically delete all posts identified as spam AND ban the offending users from your community.
You can screen comments and replies only, or you can include primary blog and topic posts in the process.  We include stats so you can see what percentage of your posts are being marked as spam.
Other features:
  • Recently Deleted Spam queue: you can see all spam posts that have recently been deleted so that you can restore them, if necessary.  This is especially handy early on, while you build trust with the system.
  • The ability to mark posts as "not spam", to help teach the system.
Note that we are currently using Akismet to do the actual spam detection.  Pro customers have the option of using their own Akismet accounts if they like, but Standard customers will not have that option.


 Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 1.53.57 PM


With our existing content moderation rule system, and now the automatic comment spam protection option, you have very powerful tools for managing the content on your site.


Pricing for Standard plans will be announced when we make the feature available for those plans.  Comment spam protection will not be an option for Apprentice plans, however.


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