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This is just a quick tutorial describing how to add meta tags in the HEAD code of your pages.  Note that Google has stated for years that it doesn't consider the keywords in your HEAD code, but it does sometimes use the description meta tag content in search results. dynamically creates a title tag that looks like: nameofyoursite: titleofblogpost - Powered by  We recommend against altering your title tag in the theme, because it could harm your SEO efforts; you'll be forcing a single title across all of your pages (and Google likes page-specific titles).


To add meta tags to the HEAD code for your site:

  1. Open the theme you're using
  2. Expand the "page shell" section
  3. In the box that says "custom code for HEAD section," add your code

<meta name="description" content="your website description goes here ">

<meta name="keywords" content= your website keywords go here ">


Remember, since your theme is applied site-wide, any changes you make to the theme's HEAD code will be applied site-wide.


Have you incorporated any interesting tricks into your HEAD code? 


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.

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