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I’ve read over the β€œfork in the road”  email. At the end of the email there’s an email address for us to contact the help desk CS   Helpers. Is this space closed forever now? 😭 I had a question about finding photos I’ve uploaded onto my β€œ CS Pro” as it’s now called. Should I email the question? Thank you for your time.

Love, PT

ps adding a pic just because 🌸

surely thou jivest.


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Whew πŸ˜… thank you! I was feeling kinda sad because I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you all anymore. For real. Ok I’ll direct my question to the email address! Thank you again for responding.

Total sidenote here, I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life and some of the villages I lived in no longer exist and when I read through the email it somewhat invoked the feeling I get when I think about those villages. They quite literally do not exist any longer πŸ₯Ί

Be safe and enjoy spring 🌷

love, PT

Pretty Thunder

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