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Hey everyone-

Sometime next week, we'll be rolling out another major update for Crowdstack, this one focusing on improving navigation in the Admin Control Panel.

Currently, the Admin Control Panel is one very long list of links.  We're making things (hopefully) easier to get to by putting the main control panel sections in a smaller menu at the top of each control panel page, with the subsections of each main area available in a sidebar when you are in a particular section.

It will look like this:

Screenshot 2020-02-07 13.54.09

Aside from that change, there are a number of other improvements, including:

  • Conversion of the posting options from being a dropdown menu to a more prominent modal window, which should make the choices a bit more obvious. This is helpful on communities that have enabled many content modules.
  • You'll be able to sort your member directory by circle (any circles that are public are included).  This includes premium members.
  • It will be easier to change months when viewing the calendar (change does not apply to Version 1 sites).
  • We've added breadcrumbs to the top of groups, to make easier to get back to the main site.
  • We've added support for including a link back to your main site, if applicable, in the default site header.

We'll be posting more details here on our blog when we rollout the update next week.


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  • Screenshot 2020-02-07 13.54.09

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