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Just a heads up, everyone...we're doing a very minor Crowdstack release today which includes some bug fixes and only one visible update. (No downtime impacts expected.)

We fixed a longstanding but unreported (until recently) bug in the Pending Posts area, which was causing certain scheduled posts to disappear from the queue. (Thanks to Paul for finding and reporting this one!)

While we were fixing the bug, we also modernized the sorting behavior of the Drafts, Pending Approval, and Future Publication lists. These lists are now in chronological order (rather than reverse chronological). This means, for example, it will be a lot easier to see the “next scheduled blog post.”

  • Drafts - now chronological by save date
  • Pending Approval - now chronological by post date
  • Future Publication - now chronological by scheduled publication date (so the “next to be published” is at the top)

(All of these options are accessed in each member’s profile, under “Pending Posts.”)

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