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It would be really convenient to have some "at a glance" shorthand "Permission Notes" in the CP's Forum Topics View showing Who Can View Subject/View Content/Post/Reply  --without having to open each one. Invariably we think a permission is set a certain way for something and it's not.

Put the shorthand "permission" notes in the wide-open space between the forum's name and the trashcan in a tiny font.


Shorthand examples:

View Subj: All; Content: Spec Roles; Reply: Spec Roles


View Subj: Admin; View Content: Admin etc.

And if you really wanted to knock yourself out, let us roll over the "Spec Roles" entry to see what roles have permission


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Hi @neil,

I think all of the details you're looking for are already available in the Settings > Permissions > Topics section of your control panel:


That page gives you a breakdown of all categories and forums, along with their permissions. It's not exactly the format you're describing, but it contains all of the info you're looking for.

Note that it's a single page with all of your forums listed, so if you have a large number of forums, you'll have to be patient for the page to load.

Hope that helps!


Brian Lenz

Thanks. That's a helpful reminder... but it's definitely a lot to wade through and not quick to get through and scroll down through.

Whereas, as seen in the screenshot below, you have given us this other ubiquitous link to a "Configure..." our categories and forums --that leads to a much better/easier page layout of the categories and forum to manipulate and also lets us change permissions. I use the ubiquitous link almost every day, which is why I wish it has the existing permission info more obvious on it.

(Aside: Seems like two different category/forum systems were created at different times and allowed to coexist.)


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