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Need a quick answer as this coupon is LIVE.

(1) I originally typed my coupon code in ALL CAPS when I created it, but the extract that appears when I click "Coupons" in the Admin page shows it in lower case. 

(2) Also, our memberships are annual, but the extract reads: "1 month."  Pretty sure I selected "Single" as the "lifespan" option.

Please advise.

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Thanks, Neil. If you only want the coupon to apply to ONLY one billing period (be it monthly or annual) then you should use the "Single Period" option under "Lifespan of Coupon". That will make sure that the coupon is only applied one time and not on future renewals. It also offers an option for you to list a date when the coupon offer expires, if you like.

Screenshot 2017-07-31 10.39.41

Thus, my recommendation is to delete your current coupon and replace it with a new one that sets Lifespan of Coupon to "Single Period".  

It's possible that the way you have things set up may work just fine, as well, but I think this way you can guarantee things will work the way you want.


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