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Hello Steve,


We have designed the links in our system to be extremely friendly to spiders and have found no need to create a site map,  You should find that your community will naturally be indexed by spiders.


With that having been said, we may build a tool into the app at some point in the future which will generate the site map for you and allow you to pro-actively submit that to a provider.  Though there is currently no plan to do so.  


I would recommend that you add a new Suggestion here if this is something you would be interested in having us add.  That way the community can get involved and we can get a better sense of the interest for this feature.





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We are not seeing issues with Google indexing all of our forums, but we are seeing issues with our internal GSA box finding all posts.  I'd almost like a sitemap so that I can force internal site search to index every post.  Unless someone has some ideas why it can't find them.

Hi Steve,


I'm not sure why your Google Search Appliance wouldn't be able to find all of the posts (especially if Google is properly indexing all posts). I'm not all that familiar with GSAs, but I do wonder if there might be some kind of configuration issue on the GSA that could be causing this? I don't really have any other ideas as to what it might be, unfortunately.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance!



Yeah -- it's odd.  It clearly is indexing some of the posts but a very small fraction.   We disabled "infinite Space Detection" to see if that has any impact.  It's possible the GSA views the forums like a calendar,  where you can click on "next month, year,etc." forever and it never ends.

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