Hi, it used to be that you could like a clip  when just scrolling down the main clips set page (or any clip collections pages), as in the screen shot below. But, now you have to click on the photo and scroll to the bottom of  it to react to it. Having to scroll to the bottom of a photo to react diminishes reactions overall (it has on my site), but this added layer of having to click on each photo to go and like it further diminishes the ease of interacting on the site. Are you planning to reinstitute liking/reacting at the main Clips/Clips Collections level?? I hope so. So much less interaction is happening on my site now. . .

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Julia M Usher
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That's too bad, as it was an awesome feature that contributed to higher levels of engagement . . . BTW, Once again, I did not get a notification when you sent this reply, despite the eye icon being green above. What's up with that? Shouldn't I be getting these replies. I get notifications every time someone posts a new issue; just don't seem to be getting replies to my own posts.

Julia M Usher

Hi Julia,

The emails are being delivered to you. If you are not receiving them, you'll want to check your spam/junk folder and also make sure you don't have any filters/rules that are preventing you from receiving the email. The emails come from alerts@crowdstack.com, and yesterday's was delivered to your mail server at 11:44:15 (PDT) with a subject of "New Reply To: Not able to react to posts on main clips page".



Brian Lenz

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