I'm sure this is a consequence of using SSO (Single Sign On). Here's the problem.

We have a member whose screen name is Steve-at-Bose. He's a recognized authority and author of hundreds of posts.

We have a new member who registers and chooses the screen name Steve-at-Bose. He gets that screen name (the new member). The original Steve-at-Bose gets renamed Steve-at-Bose 1.

If another new member registers and chooses the screen name Steve-at-Bose, he gets that screen name (the new member). The two previous Steve-at-Bose members get renamed Steve-at-Bose 1 and Steve-at-Bose 2

How can I prevent this from happening?

How can I rename the original Steve-at-Bose?

How can I prevent someone from accidentally (or intentionally) taking my screen name?





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Hi ST,

Yep, you're right; this is completely due to SSO. Hoop.la requires that all members have unique display names. I would strongly recommend that you enforce uniqueness on Gigya, as well. It seems that Gigya allows people to share the same display name, which is the root of this issue here.

Your display names are currently managed by Gigya, so the only way to change people's display names is to change them on Gigya. Then, the next time they sign in, their updated display name will take effect in Hoop.la.

Given that you're using SSO with Gigya managing display names, I don't see any other option to address this other than fixing the issue on Gigya's side.

Hope that helps!


Hi Brian,

I looked at this more closely. Gigya does allow duplicate display names, but it's Hoop.la that is changing the existing display names, not Gigya.

It would make more sense to me for Hoop.la to append a number to a (new) duplicate instead of changing existing display names.


Hi ST!

Hoop.la assumes the last one in wins, which is why “older” users are modified. The “real” steve-at-bose could logout and login again to have his name reset (until someone else signs in with that display name again).

It’s quite possible users can “swap” display names legitimately, so this is the most accurate way to process the user data. Any information provided by the SSO server is accepted as the latest “truth”.

The best solution here would be to have Gigya disable duplicate display names. I’m not sure if they support that or not. If they don’t, the only option is to customize Hoop.la’s behavior, which would require a customization (and also the Enterprise plan, which I know has not been an option on your end previously).

Hope this helps clarify the behavior at least! Let me know if I can help further

Good to hear from you, too!


Hi Brian,

Thanks for explaining "the last one wins".

Unfortunately, I can not force unique display names in Gigya.

I have gone into Gigya and created unique display names for all the Steves at Bose. 

Right now, my concern is the original Steve-at-Bose is no longer active, but we still value his posts immensely.    Since he no longer signs in, the update from Gigya won't happen.

In my profile page I can force the update from Gigya.

On Steve's page, I don't have that option (even as an Admin).

Can you add the option to update from Bose Profile be added when an admin is viewing a member profile - under the support for SSO?



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Hi ST,

Thanks for explaining the situation. If you just want to fix his name now, we do have an option, but it's not enabling the "Update From Bose Profile" link. That link only works by redirecting you through the user's account on Gigya. Thus, it would only work if you were signed in as steve-at-bose.

Instead, we can temporarily change the Hoop.la SSO configuration so that Display Names are not managed by Gigya. This will give you the opportunity to edit the Display Name directly on Hoop.la. When you're done, you can edit the name back.

Keep in mind that doing this is a one-time process; the issue could reoccur again in the future.

The only way to prevent the issue from reoccurring in the future would be to disable Gigya's management of Display Names permanently. This would mean that users would be able to edit their display names directly in Hoop.la. New users would get their display name passed from Gigya, but from that point forward, users would have to manage their names independently. If you want to prevent this collision issue from occurring entirely, this is probably your best bet since Gigya apparently has no means to prevent it.

Let me know how you'd like to proceed!



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