Hello, Crowdstack people!  

We migrated our community from Facebook at the end of last year and have been looking for creative ways to bring more of our Facebook following to our shiny new Hoop.la space.  We came up with an interesting option!

We implemented a chatbot for Facebook Messenger that allows us to automate correspondence with our fan base and offer them options based on keyword inputs.  It's a great way to steer our Facebook audience into specific areas of the community based on their interests.  It's like having a community recruiter on auto-pilot.  Also, the bot lets us broadcast messages via Messenger based on user interests, allowing us to drop targeted thematic campaigns to our followers.  

You can take this a step further and launch the bot on your site to drive even more engagement through Messenger.

We use a chatbot called Chatfuel that is specific for Messenger.  It's a low cost option that is very easy to set up, but there are other options in the market as well.    Definitely worth exploring if you have a significant presence on Facebook! 

Happy community recruiting!  Come see what we're up to at The Penny Hoarder Community. 

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