Ever since the latest series of updates we have had many of our appearance changes undone and cannot get them back to where they were.

Many of these changes have cost us membership because to them it has made the forum to painful to attempt to use to do not being able to see / find things anymore.

An example (just one of many) is Date/time of Last Post To Topic.

This item color has been changed so dramatically that most of our PC / laptop users cannot even see it let alone the mobile device users.

How do we change the appearance back to what it was?

I am a Moderator with full super admin rights, but cannot execute the changes.

The actual ownership of the forum is not - and has not been for over 10 years- directly involved in the day to day operations of the forum. They have informally delegated that to the forum Moderators ever since the employee that was managing day to day left the company.

The forum in question is- 


Thanks for your time.


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Hi David!

Thanks for reaching out to us. We'll be happy to assist you with solving your issues.

To fix the color of the post datetime text, you'll need to edit your theme:


In the Post Boxes section, update the Secondary Font Color. Change it to whatever color you'd like the datetime to appear, and that'll solve it.

There's no way to change everything back to what it was before the update, so if you have other specific questions or issues, let us know so we can assist further!



Brian Lenz

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