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1. New Topic List Mode

In your control panel for the UBB Forum module, you'll see a new setting that looks like this:

Screenshot 2019-05-08 08.55.56

The "New" topic list mode focuses on making it faster and easier for your members to browse through topics in your community. There is no separate list of categories and forums in this mode. Instead, all forums and/categories are listed above the topic list, serving as a filter of the list.

Here's what the new mode looks like:

Screenshot 2019-05-08 08.57.12

As you can see, in this mode, there is a prominent search bar, a list of all forums, and three different topic list tabs- Recent, Trending, and Following. Following


I don't see these (bold above).

Here's what I see.

Social Strata New Layout Missing items

Here are my home page settings.

How can get the missing items to display?



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Hi, Dave.

Thanks for the reply.

I did make the change in the UBB section.

I expected the change to show up on the home page when I configured it to show Forum Topics

I see that a member can navigate to 

Social Strata New Layout Forum Topics

The Forum Topics on the Home Page looks like this: 


Following the steps to get to 

gives me this.

What I really need is a button on the home page called "Unread" or "New since last visit" that displays only those posts. I can add the button myself, if you can give me a link that would do it.




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  • Social Strata New Layout Forum Topics
  • Social Strata New Layout Forum Topics


"I expected the change to show up on the home page when I configured it to show Forum Topics"

Again, you made a change to the UBBForum module, then went to the Home Page module and expected to see a change.  The Home Page module (which in all actuality is just a bunch of widgets) has not had any changes made to it.  The changes that were made for this release is strictly within the UBBForum module layout.

There is not a read or unread, or new since last visit mechanism for the Home Page module's Forum Topics block as is it is really just a nonintelligent list of the last x many posts made and some supporting meta data for them.

But that would be a good suggestion post, if you would.

Dave Dreezer

Hi, Dave.

Yup - I made the incorrect assumption that the Forum Topics widget would display the same thing as the All Topics link. But having seen the output of the All Topics link, I'm glad that it doesn't.

I'm sure I made the suggestion about a "New" or "Unread Topics" button years ago. I'll see if I can find it.

Just in case I missed it - is there a way to use Advanced Search function to find only unread topics since the last visit?




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