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I am trying to run a report to see where are registered members live.


I am finding though that when I go to the Advanced Search Functions in the Members section, I can only search by 'Location'.


However our location field is free format, so for example if someone has entered 'NSW, Sydney' they are not appearing when I input 'Australia' in the location seach.


Is there anyway I can search by 'Country' as this field?




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Unfortunately, regarding location, you are pretty much at the mercy of whatever the member decided to type into that field (and I know some like to put things like "outer space" in there just to be funny).


As far as finding out where your members really are, you could go really old school and manually look up IP address locations ( has tools for that).  That would be a pretty time-consuming task, though.


Just a note, though, that our new product allows a bit more control over this...the location field includes a country dropdown menu, and locations are shown as pins on a map.  Just let me know if you have any additional questions about that!

Rosemary O'Neill
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