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Yes, there is:  On each post, in the lower right-hand corner, is a small yellow triangle.  If a member clicks this, they'll be taken to a page where they can explain why they are reporting the post.  Then they'll click the "Submit" button, and the notification is sent.
As the Admin, you'll want to make sure that you are alerted when a post is reported.  Go to the control panel, to Forums>>Content Management, and select the Approval Queue tab.  You can view all reported or moderated content on this page, but you can also be notified via email each time content is reported, or enters the moderation queue.  Under Notifications, make sure the box is checked for "On".  Click "Update" if you've made any changes to this page.

There is actually a option within the forum settings that controls whether the "Report a Post" icon is displayed.  You may not have it enabled within your forums settings.  Here is how to check.  Goto:

CP -> Forums -> Specific Forums

Click in the "forum details" link for the forum you want to enable this icon for, once that page loads click on the "Display" tab, and then look within the "Topic Page Display Options" within that tab.  You should see a checkbox option labeled 'Enable "Report a Post" Icon'.  Make sure that checkbox is checked.

Hope this helps,

Jonmark @ Crowdstack
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