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Hi, the following member's comments almost always get flagged for some inexplicable reason and get thrown in my moderation queue. Her comments are ALWAYS fine. In fact, she's one of our most supportive members so it must be frustrating for her for her comments to never post live. It's also frustrating for me to have to moderate every one.

Why is she being flagged all the time? And is there any way I can allow all of her comments to avoid being flagged, i.e., to post without moderation?

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Hi, Julie:

Without seeing the actual post that you just approved, I would look at the Automation Rule you have titled "Moderate Spam-Like Posts". I suspect that she used one of those phrases in the post that wound up in the Moderation Queue, and that she frequently uses that same phrase or another one from that list.

If you want that to stop happening, you could either remove some of those phrases from your filter, OR you could create a Role (formerly a Circle) that includes the permission "Bypass Moderation", and add that member to the Role. You can find that permission on the General tab, under Miscellaneous.

If you have more questions about how to set that up, let me know!



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