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Hi, my followup comments on my previous topic about lingering posts in trending algorithms keep disappearing. Not sure if that is intentional, but I am posting the followup here so you see it and can respond. This topic is of great importance to my site, and I don't feel it's been answered. Here's what I tried to post:

Ted, I just posted a long response here and it disappeared suddenly. Not sure why. So writing it again . . .

You still have not answered:

(1) What is the source of the inflated traffic to the old photos that are lingering long and resurfacing at the top each year? If from illegitimate, bot-like sources, this completely devalues the algorithm. People need to trust that they are genuine likes from real people, and I do not. I need some transparency here in order to answer people's questions about them and to restore faith in the system. Though the algorithm may be coded as you like, if people don't trust it and it discourages them from posting or encourages them to game the system, it is not a well-designed algorithm. But, again, I don't know, because you guys have never answered this question for me.

(2) Also, are you sure that when you converted from simple "likes" to the array of "reactions" that we now have, that ALL self-reactions were excluded from the trending algorithms?

Lastly, I did NOT recommend: "to allow admins to prevent self-liking has merit and we will consider adding that in the future." I recommended that NO ONE, which would include all members, should be able to self-react to their own content because if point (2) above is not working properly, and even if it is, it leads people to think others are gaming the system. And this generates member queries and issues I need to resolve, which takes lots of time.

I sincerely hope you can be more transparent on these two points. Please remember that I was the one who brought this idea (trending widget) to you many years ago when I was building my community. My site is built around it, and I and my members need to trust it. I don't right now.

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