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I have an Archive Forum, where I'll move topics that we didn't want to lose in case we wanted to refer to them later.  This forum is hidden.  I have all the permissions for the moderator(s) to be able to view it, but the "New Discussion" link is not available (only new private message).  I want to add a new discussion thread so I can move individual posts to an archive thread, since this is the only way I've found that I might be able to keep a thread, but move unnecessary posts for archiving.  Is there another way?

Jason Delaplain
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Hey Jason,


Moving posts between topics is going to be difficult.  Mostly because of how Eve handles the feature.  I believe that it will only show you the most recent 100 topics within the forum that the topic was posted to.  So what this means is likely you will need to create a new topic, called something like moderated posts within the forum, move the posts to it, and then move that topic to the moderated forum.


Not ideal, I know, but currently Eve does not have a way to search for the topic that you want to move the reply(ies) to.





Jonmark @ Crowdstack
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