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Hi there,

I was wondering if you had all thought about there being one central "database" for custom widgets available on sites. For example, we have the ACEs Connection main site but we also have over 300 "community" sites(aka subgroups) as a part of ACEs Connection. The way things are currently configured, each community has it's own set of custom widgets. However we have custom widgets that we use on all of our communities so when one thing about the widget changes (such as whatever it links to) then someone needs to update the coding on every single one of the custom widgets, meaning that if a widget is in every community then it's a lot of work to update the coding behind each widget, rather than if there was a central widget database for the whole site, where only one set of coding had to be updated. 

Or perhaps if there would be a way for super admins to add to the current set of preset widgets? 

This would be a major help for our platform and just thought it would be a good suggestion if it is possible! 

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